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Messier Catalog

Among all collections of celestial bodies that have been, are and will be, no one doubts that the Messier Catalog is the most used, studied and known. This is a list of galaxies, star clusters and nebulae that Charles Messier compiled during the second half of theeighteenth century, as “annoying” objects that hampered his search for comets, which was his true occupation, and often confused him.

I have included the entire catalog in the following table, and will add links to the articles of La bitácora de Galileo where they are studied. In some cases the reader is referred to a case study on the subject in question and otherto the article of the constellation to which it belongs, which speaks of the star. Completing the links will go as we proceed through the blog content. Hopefully this tool will be useful.

Messier Common name Object type Const.
M1 Crab Nebula Supernova remnant Taurus
M2 Globular cluster Aquarius
M3 Globular cluster Canes Venatici
M4 Globular cluster Scorpius
M5 Globular cluster Serpens
M6 Butterfly Cluster Open cluster Scorpius
M7 Ptolemy Cluster Open cluster Scorpius
M8 Lagoon Nebula Diffuse nebula Sagittarius
M9 Globular cluster Ophiuchus
M10 Globular cluster Ophiuchus
M11 Wild Duck Cluster Open cluster Scutum
M12 Globular cluster Ophiuchus
M13 Great Globular Cluster in Hercules Globular cluster Hercules
M14 Globular cluster Ophiuchus
M15 Pegasus cluster Globular cluster Pegasus
M16 Eagle Nebula Open cluster Serpens
M17 Omega, Swan, Horseshoe, or Lobster Nebula Diffuse nebula Sagittarius
M18 Open cluster Sagittarius
M19 Globular cluster Ophiuchus
M20 Trifid Nebula Diffuse nebula Sagittarius
M21 Open cluster Sagittarius
M22 Sagittarius Cluster Globular cluster Sagittarius
M23 Open cluster Sagittarius
M24 Sagittarius Star Cloud Star cloud Sagittarius
M25 Open cluster Sagittarius
M26 Open cluster Scutum
M27 Dumbbell Nebula Planetary nebula Vulpecula
M28 Globular cluster Sagittarius
M29 Open cluster Cygnus
M30 Globular cluster Capricornus
M31 Andromeda Galaxy Spiral galaxy Andromeda
M32 Elliptical galaxy Andromeda
M33 Triangulum Galaxy Spiral galaxy Triangulum
M34 Open cluster Perseus
M35 Open cluster Gemini
M36 Open cluster Auriga
M37 Open cluster Auriga
M38 Open cluster Auriga
M39 Open cluster Cygnus
M40 Winnecke 4 Double star Ursa Major
M41 Open cluster Ursa Major
M42 Orion Nebula Diffuse nebula Orion
M43 De Mairan’s Nebula Diffuse nebula Orion
M44 Beehive Cluster Open cluster Cancer
M45 Pleiades Open cluster Taurus
M46 Open cluster Puppis
M47 Open cluster Puppis
M48 Open cluster Hydra
M49 Elliptical galaxy Virgo
M50 Open cluster Monoceros
M51 Whirlpool Galaxy Spiral galaxy Canes Venatici
M52 Open cluster Cassiopeia
M53 Globular cluster Coma Berenices
M54 Globular cluster Sagittarius
M55 Globular cluster Sagittarius
M56 Globular cluster Lyra
M57 Ring Nebula Planetary nebula Lyra
M58 Spiral galaxy Virgo
M59 Elliptical galaxy Virgo
M60 Elliptical galaxy Virgo
M61 Spiral galaxy Virgo
M62 Globular cluster Ophiuchus
M63 Sunflower Galaxy Spiral galaxy Canes Venatici
M64 Black Eye Galaxy Spiral galaxy Coma Berenices
M65 Spiral galaxy Leo
M66 Spiral galaxy Leo
M67 Open cluster Cancer
M68 Globular cluster Hydra
M69 Globular cluster Sagittarius
M70 Globular cluster Sagittarius
M71 Globular cluster Sagitta
M72 Globular cluster Aquarius
M73 Open cluster Aquarius
M74 Spiral galaxy Pisces
M75 Globular cluster Sagittarius
M76 Little Dumbbell Nebula Planetary nebula Perseus
M77 Cetus A Spiral galaxy Cetus
M78 Diffuse nebula Orion
M79 Globular cluster Lepus
M80 Globular cluster Scorpius
M81 Bode’s Galaxy Spiral galaxy Ursa Major
M82 Cigar Galaxy Starburst galaxy Ursa Major
M83 Southern Pinwheel Galaxy Spiral galaxy Hydra
M84 Lenticular galaxy Virgo
M85 Lenticular galaxy Coma Berenices
M86 Lenticular galaxy Virgo
M87 Virgo A Elliptical galaxy Virgo
M88 Spiral galaxy Coma Berenices
M89 Elliptical galaxy Virgo
M90 Spiral galaxy Virgo
M91 Spiral galaxy Coma Berenices
M92 Globular cluster Hercules
M93 Globular cluster Puppis
M94 Spiral galaxy Canes Venatici
M95 Spiral galaxy Leo
M96 Spiral galaxy Leo
M97 Owl Nebula Planetary nebula Ursa Major
M98 Spiral galaxy Coma Berenices
M99 Spiral galaxy Coma Berenices
M100 Spiral galaxy Coma Berenices
M101 Pinwheel Galaxy Spiral galaxy Ursa Major
M102 Lenticular galaxy Dragon?
M103 Open cluster Cassiopeia
M104 Sombrero Galaxy Spiral galaxy Virgo
M105 Elliptical galaxy Leo
M106 Spiral galaxy Vanes Venatici
M107 Open cluster Ophiuchus
M108 Spiral galaxy Ursa Major
M109 Spiral galaxy Ursa Major
M110 Elliptical galaxy Andromeda

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